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I’ve been an atheist for over 30 years and have always questioned religion from the very first time I stepped foot in a church. I still identify as an atheist, but have recently found Satanism. Specifically, The Satanic Temple which does not believe in a literal Satan and is a non-theist religion.  These are my top five reasons Satanism is better than Atheism.

5. Political Aspirations

Though I doubt we will ever see a Satanist President in our life times some states actually forbid atheists from holding public office. Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas all ban atheists from serving public office with wording such as, South Carolina’s, Article 17, Section 4: “No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office under this Constitution.” We can fix this with two simple words. Hail Satan.

4. Sex Appeal

Admit it, there is a certain sex appeal to satanism. Whether it is the dark mystery surrounding the occult or just the openness of sexuality of the members, Satan has always been sexy. From the beginning of burlesque, to the masquerade ball in Eyes Wide Shut, the idea of sex without any inhibition is just hot.

3. Fighting fire with Hell Fire

As atheism isn’t a religion, it doesn’t have the benefits that are bestowed upon religious groups in the United States. The Satanic Temple uses the protections and freedoms granted to religion to show the hypocrisy of the favoritism religion receives here in the United States. Any preference that is given in the name of religious freedom must also be open to all religions including Satanism – such as statues on public land, prayer in schools, protection against discrimination, political influence, and religious exemptions.

mra sucks2. Lack of MRAs

One of the reasons I have stepped away from active atheism is the insane amount of Men’s Right Activists who identify as atheist. Using atheism and their gender to brag their superior intelligence is ruining atheism. Satanism is arguably one of the most feminist religions from Lilith, to Satan freeing Eve as a mindless sex slave, the devil is definitely on women’s side. Both the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple have put protection from rape in their core beliefs, which largely keeps the MRAs away from Satanism.

1. Sense of Community

The major thing lacking in the Atheism communities is camaraderie. While there are a good number of atheist and humanist organizations, they are run more as corporations with very little input from the community. If you visit some of the atheist groups out there you will find them exclusive and almost controlling as to what you can label yourself to be a member. Satanism is very open to all races, genders, and sexuality. We are on the same side of the fight for equality as groups that are discriminated against and take up the fight as our own for equality for all as part of our tenants.

Then there are the friends of Satanism.  As where we don’t believe in any supernaturalism, there are many groups which we consider allies such as wiccans, pagans, and theistic devil worshipers. Then there are the people who may not be Satanists, but identify with our style of dress, music, symbolism, and ideology. These are all a part of our community in addition to the amazing Satanists who are currently fighting the good fight against religious extremism.


All of these reasons are why Satanism way better than just Atheism.