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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is one of the most pro-witch, LGBT, and satanic shows on television and we should embrace it.

Contrary to The Satanic Temple, who is actually suing Netflix over copyright infringement for the use of the Baphomet Statue, I adore this show!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina features powerful women leads, multiple LGBT characters, and most of all my favorite Satan himself! The Satanic Temple is worried this show will cause a new “Satanic Panic” due to the horrible nature in which the devil and his followers are betrayed, but I personally think they have it all wrong. Here are a few of the pro-satan messages I picked up on in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

1. Christian values are awful

From the Walker’s believing their family history of blindness comes from a lack of faith in Jesus, the Putnam Father bringing up cross dressing as a reason to commit the Uncle, to the Kinkle Father who beats his sons; The only normal happy family in this whole town is the one who worships the Dark Lord.

2. Challenge Authority

Sabrina doesn’t respect authority whatsoever and will fight to right a wrong. She doesn’t take no as an answer and campaigns to bring back banned books, end hazing and bullying, and even challenges the Dark Lord himself who wants her to choose between the dark and the light. She chooses both, just like many of us do in our lives.

3. Be whoever you want to be

This show is great for the LGBT community. From androgynous Susie Putnam and her family history of being trans, to pansexual cousin Ambrose participating in orgies, there are are a diverse group of characters not ashamed of their sexuality or who they are. Which is very satanic and I love it!

4. Women are powerful

This show has some of the most powerful women on Netflix. The show’s matriarch, Zelda, is goals. She is everything a satanic witch should be, fierce, intelligent, caring, and unwavering love of all things dark and magik. While arguably the most evil of the characters, Madam Satan is also smart, cunning, and straight up cold hearted. The women definitely run this show, matching as equals with the men and even Satan himself.

For this reasons I feel the Satanic Temple should embrace the show, Baphomet Statue and all, it may even bring a new generation of witches to our cause!