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Meet the Mommy

About Morticia

Mom, crafter, satanist

Hello, I’m Morticia, loving mother, dark arts crafter, and dedicated satanist of The Satanic Temple. No I don’t actually believe in a literal Satan. Like most members of The Satanic Temple, I am an atheist and a satanist. Our belief in Satan is more metaphorical as a defiant stance against Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions which believe in a literal Satan. To us, the concept of Satan is more of a heroic figure who challenged authority and bestowed knowledge.

Whereas some religions believe in the story that God created Adam and Eve forbidding them the fruit of knowledge until Satan deceived Eve in to eating the fruit; we see Satan as the liberator of Eve in the story, bestowing upon her the knowledge good and evil.

The parallels of the story of Adam & Eve and our view of religious persons are that people believing in a higher power, have not yet tasted the knowledge of science and reason.

The Church of Satan also does not believe in a literal devil as defined in the bible. Their views, although similar to ours have a more brutal tone to their treatment of others that have wronged them. The Church of Satan’s Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth are morally superior to the ten commandments of Christianity including protection for children, women, and animals. Unlike the ten commandments, which the first 3 are about the Christian god’s¬†egotism, the Satanic Rules & Tenants are about the importance of life here on earth and the protection of the innocent. Which is why I am proud to call myself a Satanist and The Satanic Mommy.