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Gone are the days of turning matronly once you have a child, in these modern times you can be both a mother and sexy – and Satanism can help!

It may come as a shock to some mothers, but immediately after having a child there is a whirl of judgement thrown at you. From if you had a natural birth to how you hold your child, your age, to if you breastfeed, bottle-feed, vaccinate, free-range, go back to work, stay at home, the gender or race of your spouse, if you have a spouse at all, screentime, what you feed your child, when you put them to bed, and every other choice you make under the sun but mostly you’ll find you are judged by your appearance.

These judgements aren’t just from men, you’ll find a lot of time they are from women and even worse, other mothers. On top of all this, your body has changed permanently and you will feel self conscious about how you look and maybe even want to cover up. During this time I personally had a lot of support from my partner who told me how beautiful I was and said he loved my post pregnancy body. Still I doubted myself and even went as far as to buy a one piece bathing suit for the first time in my life. I did not feel sexy.

Fitting in to a normal society certain things are expected of you, especially for women and even more so for mothers. How you do your hair and dress, to how presentable your children are. If you breastfeed, even feeding your children can be a time of society judging you, are you covered up enough for their liking? I was a cookie cutter mom, trying to keep up appearances and struggling to keep a clean house while balancing a part time job. I wasn’t happy, nor feeling myself.

Then something changed. Around the time my son was one year old, I rediscovered Satanism. It was something I toyed with as a teenager more for the shock value than the religion. I spent the majority of my twenties a very vocal atheist, but found the online community of atheist men with their arrogance and misogyny very off putting. I started reading of the good work The Satanic Temple was doing for the separation of church and state, women & LGBT rights, so I decided to give it a bit of research. I had known from reading the Satanic Bible as a teenager, that modern satanists don’t believe in an actual devil, but I was surprised to learn that unlike the Church of Satan, The Satanic Temple doesn’t believe in magic in addition to not believing in god or the devil. So many of my views lined up with theirs, I decided to become an official member.

It was almost instantly I developed more confidence and stopped caring as much to what people thought of me. I started dressing sexier, wearing darker clothes, with darker nails and make up. I came out as a satanist to my friends and family who were confused as to what it meant, but over all supportive.

I became a bit darker, sexier, and spookier. I never felt more myself. Then the biggest change was loving myself for who I was, belly pudge and all. I feel sexy and am not going to lose my identity as a sexual person just because I am a mother. I now confidently pick my son up from school, whether in sweatpants or full makeup, I care not about judgey bitches as I know I’m beautiful for who I am inside and out.

Ave Satanas my fellow sexy mommas